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About GPM

GPM Engineering Solutions was founded in January 2020 in Bruges, Belgium.


The GPM team consists of Gaetan Pyckavet and Pieter Mortier.


Gaetan Pyckavet completed his studies as a civil engineer in the year 2012 at Ghent University.

Gaetan started working at Rentec in the year 2012 as a mechanical designer. Rentec is specialized in mechanical engineering, mainly in the recycling industry. 2 years later, Gaetan became project manager of complete sorting lines and also became responsible for the strength calculations of steel structures and machine parts. In 2018 Gaetan needed a new challenge and started at Motogroup in Bruges as project manager. Motogroup is specialized in mechanical engineering, mainly in the bulk and concrete industry. Gaetan was technically responsible for a multi-million project in the nuclear sector. The emphasis of this project was mainly on administration and control of technical drawings and designs in accordance with the requirements of the end customer. In addition, he worked closely with the mechanical designers / drafters in the team so that the technical scope was preserved. In addition, he also performed strength calculations for verification for the end customer.


Pieter Mortier completed his additional training as an industrial draftsman in 2013 in Bruges.

Pieter started working at Constructie Bruynooghe, specialized in mechanical engineering, mainly in the food processing industry. Pieter gained his first experience in the sector mainly as a technical draftsman (drawing of 2D construction drawings). After Constructie Bruynooghe, Pieter started working for an outsourcing agency, where Pieter started as a senior draftsman in 2016, where the position of senior draftsman was interpreted more broadly by, among other things, already handling 3D design assignments for clients in various sectors. After this experience, Pieter took up the challenge to start as project manager / representative for Emaco Machinery in the year 2017, Pieter was called in to go on the road and develop technical information and proposals for potential customers, in 2019 he has the full role of project manager on a completely new production line to be designed, this assignment includes: drawing up the preliminary design, discussions with the customer about the design, determining purchase items, finalizing the 3D designs, making technical drawings of the entire production line and follow-up on site from start to finish.


Gaetan and Pieter got to know each other in the year 2016 when Pieter was "loaned out" by an outsourcing company for an assignment with the company Rentec. At that time Gaetan was active as a project manager. Pieter made 3D design and 2D technical drawings under the supervision of Gaetan, who was the project manager of the relevant assignment. Colleagues eventually became friends and this has remained the case ever since. In our spare time it soon became clear that we both had a passion for technology. We have participated in several 3D design challenges, among other things. We also did R&D on the prototype of smart glasses (for an American company). In addition, we have already brainstormed for hours about all kinds of technical problems and possible solutions in the world.


Given our smooth past cooperation and our shared interests, the idea arose at the end of 2019 to start a study office together and to combine our two qualities to place a strong foot in the engineering world. GPM Engineering Solutions was finally officially founded in January 2020 in Bruges, Belgium.


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