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Does GPM also work in the client's office?


We mainly work from our office in Bruges. In exceptional cases, GPM can visit the customer site to supplement databases or ERP systems. For larger projects, GPM comes on site for interim discussions and / or presentations.

Does GPM also come to the customer for measurements?


Yes, GPM has the expertise to measure production halls, machines and the like. In this way, the assignment is mapped out, with the aim of carrying out the assignment as correctly as possible.

Can GPM be used for production or technical drawings if the customer provides a 3D model?


This is certainly possible. The customer must provide a 3D model in .step / stp or .pkg format. if you want the customer's title corners to be copied on the drawings, please provide a 2D drawing in .dwg format as an example.

Which file formats can be provided by GPM when submitting the assignment?

2D Drawings: PDF, DWG, MI, NC Files

3D Models: STEP / STP, PKG, 3D DWG

Laser files: DXF, NC files

Lists Excel: laser list, cutting list, purchase list

Compressed Folders: RAR, ZIP

What general tolerances do you use?


GPM applies the tolerances according to the standard DIN ISO 2768-1 m (medium) as standard. For machine parts with a functional fit or tolerance, GPM makes a proposal based on its expertise. If specific tolerances are requested, please communicate this during the quotation request.




What if the customer wishes to make a change to an ongoing or completed project?


Contact us by phone as soon as possible for further processing.

Cancellation Policy


In case of cancellation, costs can be invoiced for hours worked. If a project is canceled after acceptance of the quotation, costs may be charged for the hours already worked. Please refer to our general terms and conditions for this.

Nondisclosure Agreement


GPM Engineering Solutions keeps your idea, sketch and final design safe and private. If you would like more information about the content of our non-disclosure agreement, we would like to refer you to point 8 of our general terms and conditions, the intellectual property rights. If our intellectual property rights do not meet your needs, you can you can already send your confidentiality statement to

Do you have an unanswered question?


Feel free to contact us with your question at the email address

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